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Lophius piscatorius, is a long fish with a very large head that is widespread in the Northeast Atlantic. Around Denmark, monkfish is common in the North Sea, Skagerrak and part of the Kattegat.

The monkfish is by some considered to be the ugliest fish in the world.
The monkfish can grow up to about 170 cm. The head is approx. half of its body length. The upper side is black marbled, while the belly is whitish. The gap is very large with two rows of pointed teeth of different sizes. The teeth can be laid down and are surrounded by skin sheaths. On the head it has got three very long spike rays. The front one has a movable joint at the base so that it can be moved in all directions, and at the end of this barbed wire there is a fold of skin. At the transition between the upper side and the belly, a fringe of skin patches sits all the way around the fish, thus blurring the outline of the monkfish. The skin is without dandruff. The pectoral fins are arm-like and are used to crawl across the bottom with.

The monkfish is generally widespread from northern Norway and Iceland to the Mediterranean, and is an exquisite fish with lean, firm, white and tasty meat, which can be compared to lobster meat.