Hesselholt Fisk Eksport A/S is one of Denmark’s biggest exporters of fish and it is located in Hanstholm. The company has a turnover in excess of EURO 30 million and employs 45 people.


Since Jørn Hesselholt’s father sold his grocer’s shop in 1948 and became a fish exporter, the family has been fully committed to product development, employee development, and top quality customer service. This has meant that Hesselholt Fisk Eksport has developed a service and quality concept that has created long-term, fruitful customer relations.

In 1961 Jørn Hesselholt began working for the company at the age of 17. After completing his national service and working in the industry at other places Jørn Hesselholt returned to the company at the age of 20. On his father’s death in 1968 Jørn Hesselholt took over control of the company at the age of 23 on his mother’s recommendation.

The family has always been convinced that good customer cultivation also requires far-sightedness, and it was also Hesselholt Fisk Eksport which, in 1967, bought the very first crate of fish to be sold at Hanstholm Fish Auction.

The next major step in the company’s growth was taken in 1978 when the decision was made to begin the production of white fish fillets at Hanstholm. With an unshakeable commitment to high quality, this line became a great success and white fish fillets are one of the company’s most important products today.


Today, Hesselholt Fisk Eksport’s philosophy is the same as that Jørn Hesselholt stood for, when he took over the management of the company:
to be a confidence-inspiring, attractive, powerful business partner for fish buyers throughout the world, with the help of skilled employees, constant product development, quality management, a wide range of products, reliable deliveries, and competitive prices.


Hesselholt fiskeauktion 1964