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Melanogrammus aeglefinus is a fish in the cod family Gadidae, and the only species in the genus Melanogrammus. It can grow up to one meter long with a weight of 20 kg.

The haddock is found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean from Biscay to Iceland, Svalbard and the Kola Peninsula. In Danish waters to the Sound and the belts.

The cod has three dorsal fins and two perforated fins. In addition, it has a small beard thread and a dark side line. It is easily recognizable by the dark spot over the pectoral fin.

The meat is white, tasty and firm. The flesh of a haddock is reminiscent of cod, however, the flakes are smaller, the consistency is firmer, and the flesh a little drier.

In Iceland, haddock was considered finer than cod, especially in the old days, and it will be possible in most dishes to replace haddock with cod, ling or pollack.