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Nephrops norvegicus is an up to 24 cm long crayfish found in the Kattegat and the North Sea.
The Norway lobster (also called deep-water lobster) is a delicacy. Unlike the lobster, the Norway lobster is red and its claw scissors are of the same size, with rows of thorns. The meat is reminiscent of lobster, just with a slightly finer consistency. The meat is preferably in the tail, but meat can also be taken out of the claws.

Greenish Norway lobster meat does NOT mean that the Norway lobster should be discarded. Some Norway lobsters have a green “coral” in their head. This is considered by some to be a special delicacy.

The Norway lobster lives in corridor systems in mud bottoms at a depth of 25-250 meters, and is caught by trawling or in pots. A very large part of the Norway lobsters landed in Denmark are exported to Southern Europe.

The Norway lobster is rich in iodine, selenium and zinc.

Scampi / Norway lobster

Scampi / Norway lobster