Welcome to Hesselholt Fisk Eksport A/S  a powerful business partner!

The company's central location close to the major fish auction at Hanstholm  combined with expertise developed over many years and a well-functioning network  ensure reliable deliveries and the best assortment at the best prices.

Fish are processed at the company's factory at Hanstholm by skilled employees who make use of the most advanced production technology.

Hesselholt Fisk Eksport A/S is IFS-, MSC- and ASC certified. 

Hesselholt Fisk Eksport A/S supplies freshly-packed fish as well as a large number of individually frozen fish products, block-frozen fish.
Hesselholt Fisk Eksport A/S employs approximately 80 people and has a turnover in excess of EURO 30 million.

The company's objectives are to ensure that both customers and suppliers experience:

HESSELHOLT FISK EKSPORT A/S  a powerful business partner.